Our wedding events will be in Williamsburg, a neighborhood in Brooklyn. We hope you'll explore the city while you’re here. We've put together some information about where to stay, our favorite things to do, and how to get around in between.


Hotel options…

Get here

Three airports serve New York:

  1. LaGuardia (LGA)
  2. John F Kennedy (JFK)
  3. Newark (EWR)

LaGuardia is the closest airport to the city. Cabs to Williamsburg or Lower Manhattan should cost ~$25-35.

JFK is the next most convenient airport. Cabs to Williamsburg or Lower Manhattan should cost ~$50-60. Or, for less than $10, the JFK AirTrain will connect you to the NYC subway in Queens, which you can then ride to your destination for the normal subway fare ($2.75 per ride).

Newark is an airport in New Jersey. Cabs from here to Lower Manhattan or Brooklyn should cost ~$70-80. Or, for less than $20, the Newark AirTrain will connect you to NJ Transit, which will take you to Penn Station in Manhattan, where you can then ride the NYC subway to your destination. Lastly, there are shuttle services from Newark to various drop-off locations in Manhattan for $20-30.

Note: When taking cabs from any airport in NYC, don't accept a ride from an unsolicited black cab. Either stand in the designated line for yellow taxis or hail an Uber.

Get around


Subway tips:

  • The NYC subway system is operated by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). Their homepage,, has current information about service status (delays, service changes, etc.).
  • Signs above and in each station will give you directions to the platform, the side of the platform, and the train that you need. Some subway entrances only provide access to trains going in one direction or the other, so be sure to choose the right entrance.
  • Generally, a train’s direction is given as either “uptown”/“downtown”, or by the burrough or name of its terminal station (e.g. “8th Ave”, “Jamaica Center”, or “Brooklyn”).
  • Some lines have both express and local trains. Express trains make fewer stops, and therefore are quicker, but may skip your intended stop if you’re not careful. Late at night and on weekends, many express trains convert to local service.
  • Expect that while you’re underground in the subway system, you won’t have cell or Internet access.
  • There are subway maps inside every station and train car. It’s also wise to have an offline map on your phone. (Install the Citymapper app below.)
  • Don’t be afraid to ask a bystander to confirm that you’re headed in the right direction (e.g. “Is this the uptown train to 57th St?”).
  • At the middle of every train platform there’s a black-and-white striped sign like this. When the arriving train stops, this is where the conductor’s window will be. Find & stand in this spot if you want to ask the conductor a question before you get on.


Basic yellow cab tips:

  • An available cab is designated by its illuminated medallion number on the top of the vehicle.
  • In Manhattan, it’s a surer bet to hail cabs on avenues, which run north-south and are spaced further apart than streets.
  • Yellow cabs can pick up passengers anywhere in NYC. Green cabs may only pick up in outlying burroughs (Brooklyn, Queens, etc.). Cabs of both colors may drop off anywhere in NYC.
  • When hailing a cab, enter the cab first before stating your destination. It is illegal for taxis to refuse service to any destination while on duty, but some drivers will leave you on the curb if given the opportunity.
  • It’s often easier to describe your destination as a set of cross streets (e.g. “19th and Park”) than as a street name and number.
  • All cabs must accept credit cards as a payment method.
  • It's customary to add a tip to the cab fare. Tipping the greater of $2-3 or 15-20% of the total fare is totally acceptable.

Things to do

We've made a map of some of our favorite places and things to do in NYC.

Click here to open the map in a new browser window.


  • Citymapper – Maps & directions for driving, walking, subway, bus, & bike. (Android, iOS)
  • Uber – Cabs. (Android, iOS)
  • Way2Ride – Pay for yellow cabs with your phone. (Android, iOS)
  • Citi Bike – NYC's bike share system. (Android, iOS)
  • Yelp – Restaurants, bars, and things. (Android, iOS)
  • TodayTix – Same-day Broadway tickets. (Android, iOS)
  • SeatGeek – Moar tickets. (Android, iOS)